We are very keen to develop close working relationships with Wedding Planners/Coordinators at a number of quality venues across the North West. The role is so important in helping couples to plan effectively and to ensure their Special Day is one they will remember for the rest of their lives.

I took the opportunity to have a chat with Jo recently about her role and to see what Inglewood Manor has to offer potential couples still undecided as to where they want to celebrate their wedding.

Tell me a little about yourself………

Well I have 3 daughters, Melanie , Hayley & Sophie. I have a granddaughter Mia. I’ve been married to Chris for 31 years. Melanie got married last November so I’ve now seen a wedding from a different perspective. I’ve worked in hospitality for 35 years – so whilst I’ve only been at Inglewood for a relatively short period of time I have lots of experience!

What does a typical day look like for you and how often are you in contact with your couples?

Firstly, I have to pinch myself every morning as I drive up this beautiful drive! I check my emails, speak to brides & grooms, arrange appointments. In terms of contact, I would say on average I see my couples 3 or 4 times before their big day. As it gets closer, almost daily contact right up to the wedding day.

 We offer a menu tasting service as well – so it can vary quite a bit. I work very closely with the operations team going through any last minute preparations.  For some couples it’s expected that I will be there on the day, otherwise I will work very closely with the Banqueting Manager, who would be introduced to the couple at the last meeting. There will always be someone here on the day to coordinate the running of the day.

What do you enjoy about your role?

It’s a very privileged position to have to be honest, we start off with a blank canvas – and because there is so much scope and so many different options – it’s such an interesting role. So to take couples from the beginning of their plans right to seeing those plans realising – it’s brilliant.

Is there anything about the role you find frustrating?

I think brides are put under pressure from suppliers and relatives and I can feel their frustration. Plans can change – but I like that. Things can change quite a lot from what we originally start with. We like to be flexible.

What can you offer personally as a Wedding coordinator?

Commitment to helping our guests achieve their dream day!

Can you tell me about any future plans you may have at Inglewood?

We are always looking at new and interesting ideas to offer our couples. We have a continual refurbishment and improvement programme which include the public areas, outside and of course the bedrooms.

One project which is nearly completed is the refurbishment of our Burton Suite. This work includes the building of a new bar area and a complete redecoration. Later this year, we will be enlarging the windows in this room so that guests can enjoy the views over the beautiful grounds.

Why should potential customers book their wedding at Inglewood?

It’s a charming grade 2 Country House, with outstanding grounds, 38 acres in total which provides the perfect backdrop to those all important wedding pictures . We have a proven track record and a wealth of experience in organising weddings and can offer couples the option of exclusive use of the estate, where our couples become Lord and Lady of the manor for the day! They can come and celebrate their special day with their friends & family! With 29 bedrooms it’s just the right size (for that).

We also have the variety – large terrace areas with traditional surroundings and on the other side we have the Burton Suite which is very contemporary.

We like to be very well organised and couples can have a traditional toastmaster if they wish to help move the day on smoothly.

And finally……………………!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

We have 2 dogs, Kate & Zain, aged 3 & 4, both cocker spaniels. They keep us very busy!

Where did you go on your last holiday? St. Lucia.

Favourite drink.   Gin & Tonic!

Wedding Coordinator, Jo Toll from Inglewood Manor, Wirral.

Jo Toll. Wedding Coordinator at Inglewood Manor on the Wirral. Providing 35 years of experience.