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One of the reasons we moved studios just over 18 months ago, was because we were blown away by the location of the Old Shippon premises. As has proved to be, it is a wonderful, magical place to which families can come and we believe it complements our aim of providing the best family photographic experience across the North West of England and North Wales. We want clients to come to our studio, enjoy a wonderful experience as well as help create memories and their own legacy that will last for generations.

Poulton Hall is a 17th-century country house, but the amazing thing is that the site has been occupied by the same family for nearly 1000 years! In fact the first owner, Scirard Lancelyn, shares his name with the current landlord!

The site has some really interesting outbuildings, cobbled courtyards, curiosities, an 18th-century gentleman’s library in original condition, carillon, brewhouse, and walled gardens. Our studio is situation in The Old Shippon, which I understand is reference to the 18th Century Cow Shed! Thankfully it has been fully restored by way of a beautiful barn conversion.

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The estate has been used as a backdrop for several films including The Ipcress File with Tom Hollander, Longford with Jim Broadbent, and Hollyoaks. In earlier years the house was the setting for the television version of Alan Garner’s The Owl Service. Famous visitors,  include C.S. Lewis, Lewis Carroll, JRR Tolkein and other literary figures, many of whom were friends of the late Roger Lancelyn Green (the present owner’s father). It is said that both Carroll and Lewis, got their inspiration for The Chronicles of Narnia books and Alice in Wonderland respectively, from the gardens at Poulton Hall.  


Shirard Lancelyn, the current owner told me recently that his father gave C.S. Lewis a manuscript of a story he had written about the gardens and some time later Lewis wrote the Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. When visiting the gardens you will see many references to both books – there is even a large wardrobe to walk through!

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The current owner’s father, Roger, was also a famous author himself. Having written The Adventures of Robin Hood (still selling all over the world via Amazon) and also King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, being his most popular work.

There are cellars below the current building, some of which date from the previous house of  c.1350, and these in turn are built from the stones from the “castle” which dates back to the earliest known records of the family in 1093.

The family have a fascination for clocks of which there are a number dotted around the estate.

Check out the Clocks!

Every hour, on the hour, The Old Shippon’s clock rings, immediately followed by wonderful chimes. These chimes last about a minute and are changed regularly. We even have a Christmas version in December! When we first arrived, our dog, Brosko used them as an excuse to bark for some time – thankfully he has got used to them now!

There are tours that can be organised privately of the house. There is a fantastic library as you would probably expect. The Gardens are open to the public at certain times of the year full details of which can be found on their website.

The tour of the house lasts about 1 hour, as does the tour of the gardens. Afternoon tea can be taken in the Music Room.

Just to give you an idea, here are the current scheduled dates which will be added to as the year progresses. This year’s Garden Openings are on Easter Saturday and Sunday 8th & 9th April, Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th May and Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd July 2023.

Why not organise a visit around your family portrait session here at our studio and make a day of it!

A wonderful Mother’s Day/ Birthday/Anniversary Gift could be organised around the Garden’s Opening Times and a Family Portrait Session would be a great way to finish off the whole experience.

Details of tours of the house and gardens can be found on their website.

Poulton Hall Website

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