Simon was fantastic, from first communications all the way through the process!

When we arrived at the studio for the session we had a little chat & de brief on what would happen, we had high expectations for Chester as he is usually really good with his demands but as a 10 month old puppy he didn’t play ball for very long and got easily distracted and clearly very bored ha! Simon had already told us he only needed a few seconds to get the shot but I came away disappointed feeling like we didn’t get any! My was I wrong!! Simon is amazing at what he does and the 22 photos we got (yes 22 when we felt we came away with nothing) were absolutely incredible! It helps Chester is a poser when he wants to be and he must have felt he had done enough posing ha! We loved every single photo and would happily recommend Simon to anyone wanting photography! Everything was explained clearly and in detail from start to finish and a lovely man overall! Super happy, thanks again Simon!

Chester pet photographer

Samantha Johnson